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Know how and added value to develop the best strategies for your clients.

Offer new strategiesOffer new strategies

A different

Design proper media and marketing strategies

Knowledge is power

Our global point of view of the videogames and esports world is unique and we know and understand the target.

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What do we do?

A different communication for a different generation.

You need to speak the way your target speaks to reach them effectively.

If you are unable to connect to your audience your marketing is not working. It is key to work in this market understanding where you are for the marketing and ad campaigns to work. Our job is to guide you throughout this journey to choose the best option.

Antevenio Shakers was born from a real need, many brands tried and failed to “play” inside the esports market, or did not get the most of their stay in it. So we decided to step in to help brands get the most of out of it and add value to the audience.

We are the perfect partner for this new market

Creativity and media

Sponsorship deals

Specialized communications

Content and production

Marketing strategies

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Influencers and Talents

Know how and content is key

Our departments will help you design and implementa all kind of differents strategies that fit your needs.

Gaming Setups

Build your own gaming setup adapted to any space

Key Info

We know what is going on in the market live, so we can adapt the strategies to better suits your need.


We can produce and create the best content for your campaigns.

Influencer Knowledge

Our team and technology will get the best talents for your product and strategy.