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What Do We Do

Branding and management

We build your brand together, helping you get and negotiate agreements with clubs and brands.

We design and develop your social media strategies to help increase recognition and build a community.

Every strategy is tailor made for each player. Our goal is for you to create a name inside this industry, build a brand and develop a loyal audience around you. This will allow you to get brand deals.

We will walk alongside you with everything we have got at your disposal. We share a common goal: enhancing your personal brand and making it more attractive for brands. For success commitment is key, we will not let you down your audience, will you? Our talent manager will be always by your side to help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, we can assist you with creative and video production to make you social networks more attractive.

Listen to your followers, boost your fanbase

Creativity and Media

Marketing activations

Business and legal advice


Sports management

Sponsorship deals

Social Networks and communications

Talent Management

Become an idol, be different

With a unique personal brand and a professional work ethic you will improve your sponsorship deals.

Specialized communication

We develop and implement communication and social media strategies.

Legal and Business Management

Guidance and consultancy in legal and business matters.

We create your brand

We develop your personal branding helping you with design, creativity, content, photo, marketing and much more.

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